unit 2

Opinion on Man’s Natural State and Natural Tendencies: Hobbes vs. Kant

Yash Vardhan Kanoi

The Limits of Forgetting: A Critique of Rieff’s Proposal

Lau Hiu Wai

Leviathan Taming the Radical Beast: Examining the Rise and Fall of Nanyang University                                   

Benjamin Chan Jian Ming

Piracy and the Orang Laut: A Reflection on the Nature of Piracy                                                                                       

Tan Jian Xiong David

The True Value of Ostentatious Wealth

Tan Shengli (download)

Buying our Way into an Ecological Society

Janell Lim Wenting

The Utility of Waste: Vicarious Consumption and Impersonal Usefulness

Chetan Cetty

The Spiritual Link: Waste and Recycling

Tan Wanxin Gracia

Explaining the Instability of Power in The Truman Show

Ng Si Ying Pamela

A Flicker of Rebellion

Tham Shu Ting

Sexual Signals and Ritual Adjuncts: Moving between Culture and Consumption

Kia Jie Hui

Families in 1984 and The Coffin Is too big for the Hole

Ng Ying Tat

John Bull vs. J.M. Murry: Should Lady Chatterley’s Lover Be Condemned on the Grounds of Obscenity?

Lee Cheng Wei

“We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves”: The Birth of the Machine State and the Death of the Individual in 1984

Yao Yao

Can We Have Thought without Metaphor?

Zhou Bowen

Reconciling Murray and Millett: Lady Chatterley’s Lover as an Unsatisfactory Portrayal of Human Relationships

Christelle Chua En Lin

The Monster as Female in Hitchcock’s Psycho: Why Marion Crane Must Die

Jack Huang Honda

Cute, Cool, Qoo

Beatrice Liu Shiying

The Dark Side of the Knight: The Performance of Masculinity in Schumacher’s Batman Forever

Erin Elizabeth Woodford

Percy, Baudrillard, and the Myth of Authenticity

Tay How Kwong, Daniel

Japanese Chivalry in Rurouni Kenshin: Tension within the Feminine Male

Huang Kailin

Simulacral Reality in White Noise

Wong Keng Onn

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