unit 1

Gorgias’ Inexplicable Overconfidence in Encomium of Helen

Goh Choon Kang Philip

Endorsed by Eskimos: Indigenous Stereotypes as a Tool of Advertising

Arcinas Camille Esther Walet

First, Get Your University: Intellectual Ideal vs Mass Appeal?

Chua Xin Rong

What is the Robot? Resolving Contradictions in a Superglue Advertisement

Tse Hao Guang

Appearances in Advertising

Chua Er Jian

Invade Us if You Can: The Reconciliation of the British Tourist and New Orleans’ History

Simon McKenzie

Naturally Ordered: The Dilemma in Las Casas

Talia Seet

Illusions of Freedom: Factory Life and Female Emancipation

Tai Jing Yi Jeanne

The Best Way to Disarm Competition is with a Smile

Edwin Lim Seng Wai

The Bauman Paradox

Ranvir Malhotra

Lost in Translation

Kam Tai Tong

The Language of Consumption: Communal yet Competitive

Gilbert Lok

Re-examining the “Gaze”

Chen Huihui Joyce

The Multiple Layers of an Advertisement

Bhashyakarla Deepthi

Green Mountains and Blue Water: Representation of a Taoist Ideal

Su Dan

The Problem with Feminist Discourse in G.I. Jane

Chong Hin Nee, Irene

Desolation and Mystery: Symbolic Meaning in The Cross and Cathedral in the Mountains

Lin Quinghui

The Attractive Souvenir

Khoo Lilin

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