power, space, and pleasure

Instructor: Associate Professor Johan Geertsema

Forgetting to Forget:

How Google Glass Complicates Social Interactions

Teo Yu Siang

“You Must Love Big Brother”:

Normalization in 1984

Shen Jiayi

The Amy Cheong Saga:

The Benefits of the Temporal Panopticon

Kwan Jin Yao

“The Mirror Repeats Your Absence”: Queer Normalization in “Short Time”

Ivan John Mercado Clement

Prisoners vs. the Institution: Resistance in The Shawshank Redemption

Danielle Koh Weizhi

Cornering the Speaker: A Critical Evaluation of the Early Conception of Singapore’s Speakers’ Corner

Puah You Kai

Internalising the Gaze in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

Koh Beng Huat, Bernard

Interiorising the Power of Fear: How Singapore Conquered SARS

Wu Qingqing

The Celebrity as Repository of Meanings: Nicole Kidman’s Chane; No 5 Commerical

Nur Aulia Rahman

Leaving Eden: The Conflict between Perfection and Humanity in The Matrix and Brasilia

Davina Aw Shuqin

Explaining the Instability of Power in The Truman Show

Ng Si Ying Pamela

The Advantages of Making Exceptions: Why the State Triumphs in The Coffin is too Big for the Hole

Tan Wen Qi

A Flicker of Rebellion

Tham Shu Ting

Families in 1984 and The Coffin Is too big for the Hole

Ng Ying Tat

The Bauman Paradox

Ranvir Malhotra

“We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves”: The Birth of the Machine State and the Death of the Individual in 1984

Yao Yao

Life In Structure: Singapore’s Public Spaces

Lee Min Xuan

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