language, culture, and ‘native’ peoples

Instructor: Associate Professor Peter Vail

Savages and Romantics:

How Hollywood Soundtracks Construct Native Americans

Yang Kaiyuan

Endorsed by Eskimos: Indigenous Stereotypes as a Tool of Advertising

Arcinas Camille Esther Walet

The Eco-Native: Constructing a Self-serving Ecological Other

Loong Xiu Fen Shona

Disney’s Unique Brand of Multiculturalism: Tarzan and Pocahontas are American After All

Ng Siang Lin

Revitalizing Culture through Gaming: “Boundary Objects” and Properness in the Design of a Virtual Reality Game System

Liu Zenan

Through the Looking Glass: Real Natives in an Ideal World

Ng Hui Ying

Cinematic Constructions of the Eco-Native: A Discourse on Modernity

Madhumitha Ardhanari

Piracy and the Orang Laut: A Reflection on the Nature of Piracy

Tan Jian Xiong David

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