interpreting consumerism

Instructor: Dr. Michael Maiwald

Class, Taste, and Social Mobility in The Great Gatsby

Peh Li Qi

What is the Robot? Resolving Contradictions in a Superglue Advertisement

Tse Hao Guang

Appearances in Advertising

Chua Er Jian

The True Value of Ostentatious Wealth

Tan Shengli

The Utility of Waste: Vicarious Consumption and Impersonal Usefulness

Chetan Cetty

The Spiritual Link: Waste and Recycling

Tan Wanxin Gracia

Sexual Signals and Ritual Adjuncts: Moving between Culture and Consumption

Kia Jie Hui

The Best Way to Disarm Competition is with a Smile

Edwin Lim Seng Wai

The Branding of iPod: Constructing an Identity

Hu Yilan

The Language of Consumption: Communal yet Competitive

Gilbert Lok

Advertising: Towards a more Balances Portrayal of Society

Ng Jinyin Timothy

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