volume 5

The Smart Sema

Shree Ravi


Families in 1984 and The Coffin Is too big for the Hole

Ng Ying Tat


John Bull vs. J.M. Murry: Should Lady Chatterley’s Lover Be Condemned on the Grounds of Obscenity?

Lee Cheng Wei


The Bauman Paradox

Ranvir Malhotra


Lost in Translation

Kam Tai Tong


The Incompatible Elements of Tradition and Progress in the Pagoda Columbarium

Kwok Dao Yang Jonathan


The Branding of iPod: Constructing an Identity

Hu Yilan


“We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves”: The Birth of the Machine State and the Death of the Individual in 1984

Yao Yao


Contributors/Process Notes


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