volume 2

Esplanade – Duck on the Bay

Wong Kok Keong


The Problem with Feminist Discourse in G.I. Jane

Chong Hin Nee, Irene


Interpreting the Characters of Vladek an Oskar: The Tainted War Hero in Maus and Schindler’s List

Tham Dek Wong, Daniel


Desolation and Mystery: Symbolic Meaning in The Cross and Cathedral in the Mountains

Lin Quinghui


Cute, Cool, Qoo

Beatrice Liu Shiying


The Dark Side of the Knight: The Performance of Masculinity in Schumacher’s Batman Forever

Erin Elizabeth Woodford


Chinatown Conservation: For Locals or for Tourists

Ong Chin Soon


Percy, Baudrillard, and the Myth of Authenticity

Tay How Kwong, Daniel


Contributors/Process Notes

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