volume 12

Invade Us if You Can: The Reconciliation of the British Tourist and New Orleans’ History

Simon McKenzie


Naturally Ordered: The Dilemma in Las Casas

Talia Seet


Thoreau’s Citizen: Moral Conscience or Majority Rule

Maria Elena Ee Si Qian


Forgetting to Forget: How Google Glass Complicates Social Interactions

Teo Yu Siang


Savages and Romantics: How Hollywood Soundtracks Construct Native Americans

Yang Kaiyuan


The Internet and Memorialisation: A Case Study of 9/11 Internet Memorials

Chan Khai Ern, Edwin


“You Must Love Big Brother”: Normalization in 1984

Shen Jiayi


The Amy Cheong Saga: The Benefits of the Temporal Panopticon

Kwan Jin Yao


Contributors / Process Notes


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