volume 11

Gorgias’ Inexplicable Overconfidence in Encomium of Helen

Goh Choon Kang Philip


Endorsed by Eskimos: Indigenous Stereotypes as a Tool of Advertising

Arcinas Camille Esther Walet


Opinion on Man’s Natural State and Natural Tendencies: Hobbes vs. Kant

Yash Vardhan Kanoi


The Limits of Forgetting: A Critique of Rieff’s Proposal

Lau Hiu Wai


The Eco-Native: Constructing a Self-serving Ecological Other

Loong Xiu Fen Shona


Situating “No-where”: Cultural Exiles and the Notion of Belonging

Darrell Lian


Disney’s Brand of Boutique Multiculturalism: Tarzan and Pocahontas are American After All

Ng Siang Lin


Action that Never Was: Discord Between Filmic Representations of the Singapore Police and Reality

Lan Yingjie


Contributors/Process Notes


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Editor: Jeremy Arnold
Editorial board (2012): Mark Brantner, Leung Wing Sze, Peter Vail, Yew Kong Leong

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